With rates from less than $1.20 a day, it doesn't cost much to stay in shape...

I see you've entered our Memberships page, and here at Cairns City Fitness this is indirectly saying to us, that you are ready to begin or continue your fitness regime with us.

Committing yourself to a particular hobby or interest like fitness can be rather financially draining, and at our facility we offer affordable and value for money prices, that allow you the member to enjoy life and have fun without the added worry.

At our Gym we offer different forms of payment to meet the needs of our current members and regular visitors.

Membership Prices

Single Casual Visit


Book Of 10 Visits


1 Month


3 Months
6 Months

12 Months

Direct Debit
(minimum 6 months)

per month

per fortnight

All prices include GST.  Does not include one off joining fee.
Group or corporate membership catered for on a single or term membership basis*

All payment options allow full use of the gym's facilities, these incorporating the weights, cardio and fitness class rooms.

Those who adopt our monthly memberships have access to additional, free of charge specialised services such as program upgrades, advice and instruction.

For more information please contact Keith Saunders

Cairns City Fitness
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Queensland, Australia 4868
Phone: (07) 4054 5022