Catering for everything from gym wear and training aids, to supplements and equipment hire...

At Cairns City Fitness we stock and sell a diverse assortment of fitness products at reasonable prices, through our very own Pro Shop. The type of products available to our existing members and interested shoppers include, only the coolest fitness and gym wear, training aids, supplements and refreshments as well as monitoring systems and fitness equipment.

Gym Wear

From short to tall, big and small, we stock only the best variety of gym wear at our centre, aimed to suit the needs of all those who shop here. The clothing we stock vary according to the most modern and up to date brands and styles available on the market. The majority of our gym wear are products of Rockwear one of the most popular in fitness, throughout Australia.

Training Aids

To provide quality assistance in the training program of your choice, a number of training aids are made available through the Pro Shop. Some of the training aids on sale, comprise of the different sorts of gloves, belts, straps and supports.

Supplements & Refreshments

In catering for the more serious fitness individuals, a selection of vitamins and fitness supplements are provided at the centre. The supplements offered consist of a variety of sports and fitness vitamins and protein powders, to keep your body healthy and full of energy during your workout. In addition to this, suitable refreshments such as health, sports and soft drinks are readily attainable, along with the usual tea and coffee.

Electronic Monitoring Systems

In effectively monitoring your progress and development, the necessary body monitoring systems and equipment are present for use. Included in this equipment are theTanita Body composition scales to accurately measure your body fat percentage, and particular heart rate monitors.

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