Programs & Training

Do you want a fitness program that will suit your every needs and desires, along with expert advice and training to go with it?

At our centre we provide programs that are designed to accomodate and fulfill the desires of the individual, and have experienced trainers/instructors, to assist you in carrying out these programs.

The programs we offer involve the use of our weights, cardio and fitness class facilities, each one varying according to personal taste and lifestyle. The different programs offered include:

General Sports & Fitness     Weight gain/ Bulking up

Weight loss     Rehabilitation

Sports Specific

In addition to these programs, short and intensive 30 minute workouts are a specialty of ours.

An individual program designed specifically to meet your needs is available for $45.

Apart from our programs, we employ trainers to provide professional and only the very best services to our gym enthusiasts, regarding personal training.

Keith can guide you through the personal fitness program of your choice, allowing you the opportunity to benefit from effective workouts, really seeing the difference. Personal trianing is $39.00 per single session or $370 for 10 session block.

For more information on programs and training, please contact Keith Saunders


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